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Valentine’s Day Blizzard February 15, 2007

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OK, I don’t normally have very strong feelings about Valentine’s Day, but this one made me feel the need to rant a little. I don’t hate it like some of my single friends, and I don’t love it and look forward to it like some of my “coupled-up” friends. I am usually able to neutrally enjoy the holiday. Since I have spent the last few years teaching in an elementary school, I’ve enjoyed the sweet little notes and pieces of chocolate that have been offered by the students.
Yesterday, though, I have to confess feeling a little bitter about being single. I was home on a snow day. My roommate is also single, so it had nothing to do with seeing others receive fancy Valentines and gifts. No, I wasn’t longing for romantic gestures. I was longing for someone else to shovel the snow, dig out my car, and clear off the sidewalks. It took me and my roommate nearly five hours. Of course, for part of that (before we made paths to the cars), we were taking turns with one shovel. Still, most of the area surrounding our house consisted of giant four-feet-deep snow drifts, so I’m not exaggerating on the time it took to dig out.
Now I know that some people who are part of couples do shovel. Still, the man I’m picturing would have let me stay inside under a blanket, sipping hot coffee while he dug me out. It would have been his very sweet Valentine’s Day gift to me, and I would have been very thankful. Well, looking back over this post, maybe it was a romantic gesture I wanted. I think my romantic gestures just look a little different than the ones I’ve been seeing in Valentine’s Day-based commercials for the past month. Speaking of which, I’m very glad the season is finally past, so I don’t have to watch all of those commercials for a little while. I’m SO TIRED of those commercials. I’d like to think that single or not, I wouldn’t ever enjoy watching other people bite each other’s lips. (You know which one I mean, too, don’t you?) It’s disgusting!

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