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Encouragement from a friend February 26, 2007

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This is a link to a good article on the Christian life as a single person:

Finding Your Place

A friend sent the link to me by email because we were talking about this very issue over lunch the other day. The scenario of the family dinner is all too reminiscent of my own family’s dinners. The encouragement listed in the article is a list of truths that I already know, but I think it’s a good, concise reminder for me.

Also, the same friend sent the link to the video below. I’m hoping to get out to see the movie before it leaves town. It wasn’t going to come to town at all, except a man bought 1,000 tickets to make sure it would. Now, the Christian bookstores and my church are selling the tickets so that he can be reimbursed. It really does look like a movie I would enjoy, and the song is pretty, too.


One Response to “Encouragement from a friend”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Oh, I happened to see the preview for this on TV the other day, and I’m really hoping to see it. I just love the actors, and the story is fantastic, too. Hooray for a decent movie!

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