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A Post to Reassure You June 28, 2007

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My summer has been flying by me. School has now been out for three weeks. This only reminds me of the futility of all my summer planning. Every spring, I spend some time making a list of all the things I plan to accomplish during my summer. Every summer, it takes me about three weeks to realize that my list is much longer than my summer.

For those of you who haven’t entirely given up on my blog, I thought I’d better give at least a brief update. The past three weeks have been spent cleaning my classroom, cleaning my house (and finally unpacking from my move six months ago,) and visiting with my aunt who was in for a week. My roommate and her family are still deep in grief, but considering all the circumstances, they are doing well. Please continue to pray for them. Also, please continue to pray that they find her sister’s shooter. There is still no sign of him, and it’s now been a month.

I’m expecting a call any day now from my youngest sister. She and her husband are in Tucson and expecting their first child any day now. I’m very excited for them. I’m also excited about my plans to visit them. I booked a flight yesterday for a very cheap price. I’m booked to fly from Indy to Tucson. The round trip with taxes and all is only $209! I’m thrilled with that price, and I can’t wait to see them.