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It’s funny because it’s so true November 27, 2007

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This hilarious little skit says it all so well. And before anyone gets the oh-so-misguided idea that I am above making financial mistakes, know that I relate to the people sitting at the table a little more than I care to admit. I know that the best way to buy something is to save the money first and pay for it in full. That’s what made my recent purchase of a camera so satisfying. Still, I find myself scheming ways to get other things from my wish list a little faster. So, the skit is funny, ridiculous, and obvious, but it’s also just the reminder I needed.


Hollywood parenting tips November 15, 2007

Now, I’m not a parent, and if I were, I’d never get my parenting tips from anyone in Hollywood, but this is scary. Pink eye from the dog and string around the diapers….Seriously, this is disturbing on way too many levels for me to count.

Spears’ advice to Klum
Spears’ advice to Klum


And you thought YOU were having a bad day….. November 9, 2007

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Really, I’ve seen forgetful, but this tops them all.

Man forgets car at gas station