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On the verge of wishing for a green Christmas December 17, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — marlise @ 7:07 pm

Over the weekend, we were hit with a whopping 17 inches of snow. Like most people, I enjoy a good snow day now and then. After spending nearly seven hours shoveling my car and sidewalk yesterday, though, I’m becoming less of a fan. Then, the authorities deemed the roads unsafe today, too, so school is canceled. Again, these days are welcomed when they hit occasionally, but this is the third school cancellation in the last couple of weeks, and I’m supposed to be directing the Christmas concert tomorrow night. The weathermen are predicting that the roads might be clear enough by tomorrow night, but the whole prospect of directing small children (as young as 3) in a program for which they’ve missed about a third of their practices for the month is a very scary prospect. Also, snow has begun to lose its appeal for me. I used to love playing in it when I was younger, but after lifting roughly three tons of it yesterday, I’m becoming a much less enthusiastic fan.


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