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Weekend happenings November 3, 2008

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OK, the title may be a poor choice, because it may lead you to believe that I had an eventful weekend. I did not. However, there were a few happenings that I found blog-worthy:

1. My parents returned safely from Germany, so I have now seen a few pictures of my new, beautiful niece. I do not yet have any in digital form to share with you, though. However, I can assure you that she is beautiful. She looks very much like her older sister. So, to give you a taste of the cuteness, I’ve posted a picture of her.

2. I was feeling pretty crummy on Friday with a nasty case of sinus “ickyness. ” I fight this problem at every major weather change, but this time was a doozy. Now, my normal course of action involves medication (and as much of it as I can legally take.) I’ve never been happy with how the medication makes me feel, though, so this year I decided to try something new. I got a Neti Pot. I read about this a while ago, and I was quite frankly, disgusted by the thought of using one. However, the junk in my sinuses was really getting to me this weekend, so I thought I’d give it a try. It seemed like a relatively cheap, natural fix to my recurring problem. (It was also helpful to know that Walgreen’s has an amazing return policy, so if it made me feel like I was drowning, or if it didn’t produce any good results at all, I knew it would be OK to take it back.) Results: I think I’m sold. I’ve now done this a few times, and I’m breathing much better than I would have thought possible a few days ago. I’ll admit it does take a little practice to use it well, and it doesn’t instantly cure my sinus problems. Please note that this looks nothing like I did when I tried the neti pot. She’s still smiling, and (if it’s possible) even looks cute. I, thankfully, had no cameras around to document the experiment, but I’m pretty sure I looked like a monster with gunk spewing out of my nose. And rather than smiling, I’m pretty sure I had a look of terror on my face, because when my sinuses filled with water, I did feel a little like I might have been drowning. It did, however, rinse enough gunk out of my sinuses for me to be able to face the day and do a half-decent job at teaching my students.

3. Due to my sinus malady, I spent most of Saturday sleeping. It did help my head, but it did nothing for my productivity.

4. I had a weird burst of energy Sunday afternoon. (I’m not sure if it was a result of the time change, or sinus problems, or a combination.) I decided to take advantage of it. I did some scrubbing or laundry and bathrooms. Then I moved to outdoor tasks. I dug up the spent tomato plants and all the no-longer-pretty perennials. Then I raked leaves. We have no big trees in our yard, but we are surrounded by them on all sides, so we are never short on leaves to rake. Now, the yard is mostly ready for winter, and I have tired shoulders and blisters on my hands to show for it. I thought that my gardening gloves would protect my hands, but it turns out that I was very wrong about that. And my burst of energy only lasted long enough for me to finish those tasks. After that, the sinus headache came back full force, and spent the rest of the evening collapsed on the couch. The neti pot relieved some of the pressure, but there’s a lot of distance to cover to go from feeling like my head might explode to feeling good.

5. While I’m not a fan of what the time change does to my students’ behavior, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to drive to school in daylight today. It really helps my frame of mind, especially on Monday morning. It also didn’t hurt that the sun was shining on beautiful weather, and there are still several trees displaying glorious fall color on my way. It was really a great way to start my work week.


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