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Post-election thoughts November 8, 2008

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Now, I know the election was finished up a few days ago, but I’ve had several thoughts mulling through my brain, and I’m feeling a bit of a need to vent. So, would you please bear with me? Thanks!

I did quite a bit of research on where the candidates stood. After the research, I felt compelled to vote pro-life. In other words, my vote for president lost. Now, I have to admit I was a little disappointed, but I was not really surprised. I mean, seriously, didn’t the media predict this about six months ago? Actually, back in the spring preliminary election time, my mom and I had a discussion about how difficult it would be for any Republican to win this time around, given the bashing that our current president has been taking.

Still, I have several frustrations, so I’ve come up with my short list of how things would be handled differently if it were up to me (which, I understand, it clearly is not.) At any rate, here it is:

1. Journalists would simply journal news. Nothing else. No predictions. No giddy excitement over downfalls of candidates. No giddy excitement over victories of candidates. No bias–just pure unadulterated, chronicling of news. Yes, I do realize this would make news far less interesting to watch, but it would once again be news and not some twisted mutation of a talk show disguised as news.

2. Just for the record, #1 would also apply to the conservative news programs who share my views. They would also be required to stop sharing opinions and trying to sway voters. That’s not their job.

3. No victories would be announced before all the votes had been cast and counted. Seriously, how do you think those poor Alaskan and Hawaiian citizens felt? After months of hearing people say, “Your vote matters,” the winner was declared before they had finished voting. Even here in Indiana, the governor’s race was declared within seconds of the polls closing. They hadn’t even started counting yet! They based the announcement on exit polls. Seriously, did we learn NOTHING from the 2000 presidential election fiasco???? I don’t care how strongly the numbers indicated the winner. I don’t think it’s asking too much for everyone to have enough patience to wait until the next morning to know the outcome.

4. Celebrities would be required to shut up about the election. In the midst of this most recent election season, the political ads were everywhere. I don’t think it’s asking too much for me to be able to turn on a light entertaining TV show without having to hear what side the stars of the show are taking. I teach at a little Christian school in a conservative town. I’m sure most of the parents and teachers in the school voted the same way I did. Still, when students asked me who I was voting for, I didn’t tell them. I told them that I researched what each candidate believed. I told them that I was voting the way I thought was right. I did not tell them who I chose. They need to learn that it’s important to research candidates. I have no business leading them to believe that I have any kind of authority on this. Neither do the celebrities.

5. What I said about celebrities in #4 would also be said about religious leaders. I don’t believe they have any business trying to get people to vote for a certain candidate. I’m especially disappointed in a few organizations that sent out emails telling us how evil Obama is. I grant this: He is a human. He is a sinner. He has flaws. I chose not to vote for him. However, several emails crossed lines into leading us to believe that if he got elected the world would fall apart. To that, I say, “GET A GRIP!” I serve a sovereign God. I will pray for our nation. I will pray for the salvation of Obama, but if our nation does indeed fall apart during his presidential term, it will only happen because that it what God wants to happen.

6. Finally, in my ideal world, candidates would be seriously limited in the amount of advertising time they would be allowed to purchase. Seriously, once I’ve made up my mind about who I will enter on my ballot, I don’t care to hear any more from the candidates. And for the local candidates, if you really want me to believe that you are going to save money for our state or local government, then stop sending me daily mailings on why your opposing candidate is a terrible choice.

OK, I think that covers it all. Thanks so much for listening to my rant. What do you think? Any rules you would add?


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