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Update–Chapter2 June 15, 2010

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The time from the beginning of February to the end of the school year was filled with the busy-ness of the school routine.  The spring school routine is always a little extra-crazy, and during spring break, I travelled with the family to NY again for Grandpa’s internment.  It was another bittersweet time.  I just came across one of the last pictures I have of Grandpa, and I’m going to post it just because I love it.  I miss him.


The rest of the school year was  pretty uneventful.  I direct a sixth grade musical every year.  It tends to take over my life for a little while, and then a few months after it’s over I tend to forget lots of the details.  I really think it’s God’s way of keeping me from remembering all the stress, because if I really did remember it, I’d probably be tempted to run away from that process forever.  Then I’d be out of a job, and that would lead to many other problems.

Anyway, the summer brought some new twists.  In July, my roommate came home and told me she had bought a place.  It was crazy, because I didn’t even know she was looking.  She hadn’t told me because she didn’t expect to find anything that fast.  The problem for me was much bigger than being without a roommate.  We had been renting from her parents at a incredibly good price.  Without their daughter being there, my landlords were going to drastically raise the price.  So, I started weighing my options.

Option 1:  I could look for a new roommate, but I really felt like I was getting too old for that.  Most of the people who were looking for roommates were considerably younger than me, and I was in no way interested in feeling like a “dorm mom.”

Option 2-I could rent a place on my own.  I had/have lots of furniture, including a washer and dryer and a piano.  To find a place that was big enough to handle the furniture was going to be pricey.  Also, I have taught piano lessons out of my home for the past several years.  Finding a place where I could continue to do that without disturbing my neighbors was going to be even more expensive.

Option 3 caught me by surprise.  I was having lunch with my sister and brother-in-laws family after my nieces’ t-ball game.  I was discussing the options when my bro-in-law said, “Have you considering buying a home?”  I hadn’t thought it was possible for me until after that, and when I did the research, I realized that would be a good option for me.

So, I started the hunt.  Right after making the decision, I went on a long road trip to the NJ, NY, and OH to visit friends and family and to play piano in my cousin’s wedding.  So, I was gone for a couple of weeks.  When I came back, I had a week to get ready for school to start again.  During the first week of school, my landlords told me that they had a new renter for their place.  The kicker was the the renter wanted to move in about 8 days later.  Did I mention that this was the first week of school?  This was a whole new level of insanity for me.  I had to find storage for all my things and a place for myself.  I ended up moving back into mom and dad’s house.  I hadn’t lived there since my sophomore year of college.

The time at mom and dad’s went much better than I ever could have imagined.  I was able to keep my piano at my roommate’s new place.  I put most everything else in a storage unit, and the new renter at my old place used the washer and dryer for a little while.  Also, mom and dad let me teach my piano lessons at their place for a little while.

The house hunt stretched on much longer than anticipated, though.  I went through several failed offers before finally finding a place. I closed on it at the end of January.  Then, it needed some work before I could move in, so I didn’t actually move out of mom and dad’s place until the beginning of April.  By that time, we were all ready.  I’ve now spent the last few months trying to get settled. This has been another slow process, but school’s out now, so I’m been making much more progress during the last couple of weeks.

In more recent news, I got a new computer.  I’ve officially become a Mac user, and I couldn’t be happier!  I’m thrilled to be living in my new place, using my awesome new computer and slowly digging way out of the boxes. On top of that, I’ve gotten several new piano students, and that has been great. This is the end of the summary that brings you mostly up-to-date on my life (for anyone who happens to care.)


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