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My new favorite thing August 16, 2010

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Please forgive this little commercial, but I have found something I love. I get no compensation for this promotion. I simply love it too much to keep it to myself.  It’s goat milk soap, and you can find out all about it at goatmilkstuff.com.  Back when I lived in NJ, I went to church with lots of great people.  One family in particular was very memorable.  I knew them, but mostly because one of my dearest friends is a mutual friend of theirs.  Since that time, we’ve all moved away from NJ, but I’ve been able to follow their story through our mutual friend.  She’d tell me about each of their new children. (They have eight.) She told me they’d moved to Southern Indiana. When she told me they had gotten some animals on a farm, I was not at all surprised.  When she told me that PJ, the mom, had started making her own soap, it seemed like par for the course. I had known PJ to be very driven and resourceful, even making all her own yogurt. Then, PJ’s homemade soap turned into a business.  Then, I started hearing from all of my mutual friends who had tried the soap.  They were raving about it. Finally, I tried it myself.

It came in the mail and I couldn’t stop sniffing the box. It looked very cool, and it smelled amazing! (I borrowed the picture from my sister. I hadn’t thought enough to get a photo, and after my raves she ordered, so I borrowed hers.)  Then, I tried it.  It felt great on my skin in the shower. I don’t know exactly why, but I felt cleaner after the first shower.  I knew my skin felt great, but three days later while I was watching a movie at my sister’s house, I caught myself rubbing my arms, because the soap had made them feel so amazingly soft.  The most amazing thing is that even my elbows were soft.  That might not seem like much to you, but that has never been true for me before. Since then, I’ve gone on to try the laundry stain treatment stick and the laundry soap.  Both things cleaned better than anything I’ve ever tried on laundry.  I tried a bath bomb. It left me smelling heavenly, and it left my skin feeling like silk. I’ve tried the lotion stick and have nothing but good to say about it.  I tried the bug off lotion while picking blueberries with my mom and sister.  They used traditional bug spray and got eaten alive while the lotion kept me from getting any bites at all.  I also haven’t smelled a single one of their scents that I didn’t like.  They give three free sample bars of soap with every order. They are great for travel, but they also help me try lots of scents.  (I intend to eventually try every one.)  They are constantly trying new formulas to be able to expand their product line–they’re currently testing shampoo and body wash. I, for one, will continue to be a loyal customer and will be quickly willing to try new products. I have loved everything I’ve tried, and  I know that everything they make will be great quality.