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So my weeks are about 10 days long…. January 25, 2011

Filed under: what I'm learning — marlise @ 11:17 pm

Yeah, the blog post a week thing is more like one every 10 days so far this year. I have to pick my battles, and this is one I’m losing.

It’s a kinda weird year so far, so long weeks are really just par for the course. I’d elaborate more, but it’s late at night, and I have a feeling that elaborating would turn to irrational ranting, and really, who wants to read that?

I’ll just leave you with two thoughts:

1.  I feel like my school’s being really stretched right now. Physical issues, deaths, families really struggling…..and the list goes on. It’s heartbreaking and hard to process. I even honestly get a little overwhelmed in praying about it. And getting overwhelmed doesn’t even make sense, because I pray to the God of the universe who knows all the details and can handle everything I can tell him and way more.

2.  I’m not sure what to make of this or what God’s trying to show me, but I’m less than a month into this year, and it’s already been a year marked with lots of unwanted attention. From males. I mean, I know there’s no such thing as a perfect man. I know every man will come with some amounts of baggage, but these men come with truckloads of it.  And they are persistent.  And I try to be graciously clear in letting them know I’m not interested.  Seriously, though, how do you tell a person you’re not interested, in fact, you’d prefer they didn’t call or text? Is there a way to do this without being very rude?   Really, I’m open to suggestions.


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