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In keeping with the 10-day weeks….. February 5, 2011

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I don’t normally post about my days, but I feel like I need to process today in writing.  I knew before it started that it was going to be a long day, but I had no idea until it started….

It started with a church business meeting.  These annual meetings usually go all morning.  Everyone gives reports on the ministries of the church.  That was very encouraging.  We look at the close of last year’s budget and the anticipated budget for this year.  That (with the obvious challenges of the current economy) took a little extra discussion, but went very well.  Again, we were encouraged by how the Lord has blessed and provided for the needs of the church. Then, we closed with a time of confession.  It was a heart-breaking public confession of someone who holds a leadership position of sorts in the church.  It was heart-breaking, painful, and beautiful all at the same time.  God is working in His people, showing mercy, calling for forgiveness, and even using the ugliness of this sin to glorify Himself.  It was exciting, overwhelming, and exhausting.

From the meeting, I needed to leave a few minutes early to make it to accompany a regional music audition for a high school student.  The audition was an hour away, and I needed to get home to eat lunch and change before hitting the road. I walked out of the church building to find about 4 inches of snow on the car (and parking lot and roads).  Apparently, there was some sort of “flash blizzard.”  Seriously, the weather man had only anticipated a dusting of snow that would stop around noon. I knew the trip would be slow, so I hurried through changing and grabbed a banana for lunch. It snowed the whole way to the audition, and I hardly saw any evidence of any plowing.  I did, however, see several cars that had slid off the road. I did make it safely to the audition, though. It kept snowing through that whole time.

Since I was in that town anyway, I decided to stop at my bra store.  Yes, I have a special bra store.  I wear a very difficult size to find, and this place is awesome with specialized fitters and a huge selection.  Not cheap–but awesome.  Apparently, these places are very rarely found in the states, but that should not be true. I only discovered this place about 6 months ago, but I can’t believe what a difference it makes to wear a bra that really, truly fits. I was the only customer in there.  The three workers were very glad to see me.  They said the weather had kept everyone away.  I spent way too much on bras, but I’m set for a while, and I got one that was very pretty.

Then, I travelled slowly through more snow and more unplowed roads to get home. The weather man was oh-so-wrong.  The snow didn’t stop falling until about 4:45, and it was at least 6 inches.  Even by Indiana standards, that is far more than a dusting. Anyway, I had hoped to stop for my niece’s birthday gift on the way home. Her birthday is tomorrow and I had gotten ideas from my sister at the church business meeting, but I realized that I had left my list of ideas at home in my haste to change and hit the road.  I quickly (well, as quickly as I could in 6 inches of snow) ran in to get the list and head to the store.  She loves Adventures in Odyssey, so I headed to my local Christian book store.  I got to the door at exactly 5 p.m. just to find out that’s what time they close on Saturdays.  I tried the locked door and headed back to my car.  Then, a very nice store employee came to door and let me in.  He said it was OK because there were still other customers inside.  Wasn’t that kind of him?  I had to hunt a little, but I found a CD set that she didn’t already have.  I think she’ll love it.

I then headed home, down my unplowed alley, into my unplowed driveway and was home for the evening.  I proceeded to spend a little more than the next hour shoveling.  Timing couldn’t have been much better, though.  I had just enough daylight to finish the job, and I enjoyed a beautiful sunset as I shoveled the last couple feet of my driveway.   Now, I’m inside for the night–warm, tired, overwhelmed, and processing.  I’m trying to finish my laundry and will probably watch something on netflix tonight while wrapping the birthday gift, sipping hot chocolate and all the while pondering God’s goodness to me and my church and considering what I’ll wear tomorrow with my pretty new bra.


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