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10 years later February 8, 2011

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of my best friend.  The thoughts of this post still ring true.  I’m once again amazed at how much I can still miss a friend who has now been gone far longer than I knew her.  I still bring to mind some of the encouragement she gave.  (She was awesome with the encouragement.)  For example, I remember one particular Sunday morning during the summer I spent living with her and my cousin.  I got dressed for church that morning, and she commented that I looked “like a million bucks.”  I still remember that because I hadn’t really felt pretty in a long time at that point, and her simple sentence changed that.  I also remember her faith.  That summer, we spent lots of time talking, making cards with stamps, and hanging out by the pool.  One time, she mentioned how fervently she was praying for God to give her a child.  She said she was praying for a clear answer from God within the year.  She told me that about six months before she died.  It’s strange how these different random thoughts are brought to mind, but with this memory, I was struck with God’s goodness.  This prayer of Marcy’s was answered very clearly.  It wasn’t the way I would have chosen, but God knew what was best and answered.  I pray that I can have that same kind of faith–to fervently pray for clear answers and be ready for God’s response when it comes.

So, I’ve shed a few more tears today.  I miss my friend.  Still, I look forward to the day when I will meet her once again in the presence of Jesus!  The following poem was written by my other cousin’s wife (so she was Marcy’s sister-in-law.)  I want to share it because it captures Marcy so beautifully.

Taken From Us Way Too Soon by Cathy Halo Parker
Taken from us way too soon
She glowed just like a night time moon
Her eyes would dance and pierce your soul
Encouraging others was her heart’s goal 

And coupled with her sweet, sweet spirit
Was a fiesty side, oh to be near it
A fiery glance she’d shoot your way
And you’d never expect what next she’d say

But that’s what made her full of life
A daughter, sister, friend and wife
She loved on people, her special feature
And children called her their favorite teacher

When she struggled with illness on a hospital bed
She invited my kids up, a story to be read
She let them color pictures there too
She was a joy infuser in all that she’d do

And always when David would leave for the store
“Bring me back a present” as he’d walk out the door
She was the one who could keep him in line
And she loved him so dearly all of the time

On that day God took her and called her away
None of us knew just quite what to say
But God had a plan for this beautiful bloom
Wanted to display her in His heavenly room

So we remember her with fondness and love
With the assurance she’s with the Father above
And one day we’ll see her, this angel to greet
As we gather together before Jesus feet.


Time passes sweet Marcy, but you are forever on my heart. I can’t wait to share in the joy of Jesus with you!

Marcy Sue (Ursiny) Parker – full of life and love and dearly missed 

Marcy was 27 when a blood clot in her leg traveled to her lungs and God took her home.


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