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On families February 11, 2011

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Yesterday in my preschool music class, I was introducing instrument families.  I explained that just like human families, sometimes we can recognize instrument families because some instruments look alike. Just to clarify, when there are adopted students, I word that part a little differently. In this this particular class, though, there are only 4 students and I know all of their parents.  So, I said, “Do some of you look a little bit like your mom or dad?”  Three of the four immediately said yes and wanted to tell me who they look like.  One boy had a very confused look on his face and was shaking his head.  I said to him, “Maybe you look a little like your brother or sister?” He continued to shake his head. I said, “Well, maybe you look like your cousin, or an aunt or uncle?  Or maybe you look like Grandma or Grandpa?”  At this, he gave me a quizzical look and said, “No, I don’t look like them at all. They’re bigger, and they’re kinda…crackly.”


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