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An Elementary Valentine February 14, 2011

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I’m sure this breaks some kind of single girl code, but I love Valentine’s Day. I like the color palatte. I like the candy. I like the kind gestures. I love how excited my students get about it all. I wonder if I would like it this much if I didn’t work at an elementary school. I do, though, so I get little cards and miniature-sized candy treats. This year, there were lots of cute little cards, and even a tiny pot with strawberry seeds. Seriously, how cute is that? This particular Valentine just melted my heart, though.

It came from a kindergarten girl. red heartMy favorite part, though, was her explanation.  With a very excited smile, she handed it to me and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day! I made this for you. ”  I thanked her, and she excitedly said, “It’s a red heart.”  Then she paused, hung her head and said, “…but I didn’t make it very good.”    Two second later she was chipper again. “I hope you have a very good Valentine’s Day.”  Then, she smiled and went on her way.


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