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So my weeks are about 10 days long…. January 25, 2011

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Yeah, the blog post a week thing is more like one every 10 days so far this year. I have to pick my battles, and this is one I’m losing.

It’s a kinda weird year so far, so long weeks are really just par for the course. I’d elaborate more, but it’s late at night, and I have a feeling that elaborating would turn to irrational ranting, and really, who wants to read that?

I’ll just leave you with two thoughts:

1.  I feel like my school’s being really stretched right now. Physical issues, deaths, families really struggling…..and the list goes on. It’s heartbreaking and hard to process. I even honestly get a little overwhelmed in praying about it. And getting overwhelmed doesn’t even make sense, because I pray to the God of the universe who knows all the details and can handle everything I can tell him and way more.

2.  I’m not sure what to make of this or what God’s trying to show me, but I’m less than a month into this year, and it’s already been a year marked with lots of unwanted attention. From males. I mean, I know there’s no such thing as a perfect man. I know every man will come with some amounts of baggage, but these men come with truckloads of it.  And they are persistent.  And I try to be graciously clear in letting them know I’m not interested.  Seriously, though, how do you tell a person you’re not interested, in fact, you’d prefer they didn’t call or text? Is there a way to do this without being very rude?   Really, I’m open to suggestions.


Already falling behind…. January 16, 2011

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I’m doing my best to keep up with the post a week thing, but January took off running before I was ready for it.

Really, I don’t know how my life got so crazy. The other day, I got a haircut. As I sat in the hairdresser’s chair, she asked me what was going on with me. It took me a little while to answer because I feel like I’m going constantly, but it was hard to put into words just what keeps me so busy. And I decided, that’s probably not a good thing. So, I’m analyzing the busy-ness to see what is necessary and what is just busy because I feel unnecessarily obligated.

That brings me to the post I mentioned last time. I’d like to put into writing some of my goals for 2011. Some are a little more frivolous than other, but here they are:

1. Continue weekly weigh-ins. I did well with the weight loss and fitness in 2010, and I don’t want to fall back. I used Weight Watchers online, and I loved it. The weekly weigh-ins kept me accountable, and I feel like they will be a very good habit as I switch to maintenance mode.

2. Stick to regular Bible reading plan. I started with an online program for getting through the Bible in one year. I’ve attempted these plans other years, but I haven’t made it completely yet. Since I do much better at keeping up with reading emails and my favorite blogs, I decided to make that work for me. This program allows me to subscribe via RSS, so I’m having it sent to my reader.  So far, it has been a great solution to keeping me up-to-date.

3. Consolidate my piano lessons.  Right now, my lessons are a little scattered.  I scheduled people per their requests when they spoke to me. That left me with some weird gaps.  Also, the new method encourages learning in groups, because it fosters creativity, helps avoid performance anxiety, and allows more fun, etc. So, I’m working on ways to make this happen.

4. Save up enough to replace the rest of my windows on my house.  I was able to get new windows on the front of the house, and their is a huge difference in the draft factor between the front half and the back half of the house.  So, I’m working hard to get the ones on the back replaced, too.

5.  Finish completely unpacking!  I’ve moved many, many, many times.  I counted 25 different homes/apts. where I’ve lived in my life. Those are just the ones I remember.  This means I hesitate to really settle in any place. I need to get over that.  I need to completely unpack and stop holding onto things that I might sometime use if I move to another  place.

6.  Finish a few more 5Ks.  I haven’t set an official number on this, but I’m beginning to really enjoy running, and I’m clearly feeling the health benefits.  So, I’d like to participate in a few more races.

7.  Cook the majority of my meals at home. Sadly, as I get busy, I fall back on nasty fast-food.  My goal is to make plans to eat better at home even in my busiest times of life.

This list pretty well covers my goals.  I may modify this a little, but I think this pretty well covers it.  Now to do it.


for Auld Lang Syne January 2, 2011

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Yes, I had to use that phrase that so few people understand….. I learned this a few years ago from one of the music textbooks in my classroom.  “Auld Lang Syne” means “old time’s sake.”  The song is all about reflecting on the past, and that’s exactly what I like to do at this time every year.  2010 was a very interesting and challenging year for me. If I try to sum it up, it will either be completely incoherent or novel-length, so I’m going to list my highlights–highs, lows, significant, and mundane.

  • Started the year living at my parent’s house while house hunting
  • Bought a house in January
  • Moved into the house in the first week in April
  • Got serious about weight loss and fitness
  • Lost 35 lbs. and 22 inches
  • Woke up on Labor Day and decided to start running
  • Officially became a runner
  • Ran my first 5k on Nov. 20th
  • Paid off the last of my credit card debt that had been hanging over my head since a period of underemployment 7 years ago
  • Started a new piano teaching method, Simply Music–By the way, I LOVE it!
  • Started a 1-year Bible reading program
  • Made it to about May.  (This was the first time I attempted this type of program. I loved it while I did it, but sadly, let other life get in the way. I’ll be trying again this year.)
  • Survived and started another school year
  • Shocked myself by realizing how much I enjoy my job
  • Travelled absolutely nowhere!–This is very unusual for me.  This is probably the first year that has happened since I was in elementary school.  I could say for sure I took trips every year since late elementary school, because I remember most of them. It’s possible that 2010 was the first year ever in my life that I didn’t travel, but I’m not exactly sure.
  • Saw miraculous answers to prayers several times this year
  • Welcomed a new nephew on Christmas day! –This makes me an aunt 12 times over (or 14, depending on how you count–it’s a little confusing.)

That’s all of the major stuff I can remember right now.  Overall, it was a pretty good year—a year of personal growth, personal challenges, small victories, growth, miracles, and answered prayer.  [In a later post, I’ll list some of my goals for 2011.  I’m not really a resolution maker, because I feel like that tends to set me up for failure. However, I do like to balance my evaluation of the year that just ended with a little glimpse at what I’d like to see in the year ahead.]  I’m looking forward to seeing where the Lord will take me in 2011!


I’m in! January 1, 2011

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I’m signing up for the WordPress weekly post challenge. This will not be the post for this week, because that would be a lame cop-out, but I think the weekly goal is a good, manageable challenge for me. So, here goes!